The importance of safe driving can’t be stressed enough. Driving has been taken for granted way too often. A person behind the wheels ought to stay focused on the surroundings, follow traffic rules, sober and fully alert. Driving is a privilege that could be taken away if one fails to comply with the road rules.

Road trauma in Australia:

In Australia, the number of road crash deaths touched 1195 (and several were injured) which is 5.3% higher than during 2018.  Two deaths of these deaths occurred in remote and regional area while the rest occurred in cities. Speeding is the top cause of vehicle collision and there are several laws put in place to reduce the risk of vehicle collision.

Speed limit signs display the maximum allowable speed in the particular road. In spite of speed limit signs set up across the road, people tend to speed to reach their destination faster and in case of emergencies which increases the chance of collisions. Higher speed could result in fatalities or serious injury, which mandates the need to learn safe driving practices.

Sign up for safe driving course to become a better driver:

Take your driving training one step further to become a responsible driver. There are specialised courses available that teaches NSW Learners License holders safe driving practices. It is focused on helping a driver handle road situation in a responsible and safe way. If you are considering taking driving lessons, contact LTrent Driving School for Safer Drivers Course.

They are one of the leading driving schools in Australia offering top-notch driving lessons. Use their online booking system to easily sign up for their course.  The curriculum covers speed management, hazard awareness, safe following distances and gap selection. They also offer a free course for drivers from disadvantaged backgrounds. The course comprises of two modules:

  • 3 hours of interactive theory class
  • 2 hours of in-vehicle coaching session with 2 learner drives

On course completion you’ll be educated on low-risk driving techniques, how to better identify road hazards, strategies to avoid road distractions and 20 logbook hours to your credit. You’ll understand the harm that comes from over-speeding and failing to follow speed signs.

What happens if you don’t follow speed signs?

It is considered illegal to not abide by speed limit. There are speed and red-light cameras installed to detect and deter speeders. The offender faces heavy penalties, fine, loss of license and even imprisonment. The reason for stringent punishment is to establish the consequences of speeding.

When a driver drives fast, his/ her peripheral vision is reduced and they may miss out approaching motorists and pedestrians. It takes more seconds for the vehicle to complete to a halt thus increasing the risk of fatal collisions.

The laws pertaining to speeding are put forth to make the road a safe place for everyone. Drivers should be aware of these rules to avoid getting in the wrong side of law. Take lessons with a professional instructor and do your part in making the road a safe place.


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